Genius Key

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Learning Genius

This part of the Genius Key focuses on your early years, so try and think back to your childhood before or around the age of 7 years old. This is about tapping into your current thought state and your younger self state. It doesn't matter if your adult mind wants to disagree, if you believe that answer is how your younger self felt… that is your answer.

Step of

When I am looking to download a new app, putting together an Ikea type piece of furniture, learning how to use a new blender, computer or tool...

AI read the descriptions & instructions before doing anything.

BI listen to a podcast or someone's testimonial who explains how best to do what it is I am trying to achieve.

CI try and play with it first. Try to figure out how it should work and go as far as I can until I get stuck - then after I have used all that I know - I ask or look for help - to get me to the finish line.

Step of

When I make dinner or try a new recipe I like to first...

ALocate a recipe that has the written steps and a picture of what the end result should look like.

BSpeak with an accomplished cook or someone who has made the dish before and ask how they make it asking for tips and advice.

CPull out the ingredients in the recipe and use the recipe as a guide and I come up with my own version - adding some of this or that along the way.

Step of

If I am asking someone to do something for me or trying to help them learn to do something, I find it best to...

AGive them written instructions or bullet points for them to follow and let them have a go at it.

BI explain to them what I would like them to do and give them an overview of the steps in order of the project.

CI demonstrate for them how to do something and have them watch and learn.

Step of

When I have time to myself I really like to...

AGo to art exhibits, museums or soak in an amazing view.

BListen to the sounds of nature, my favorite song/band, or talk with my colleagues and friends to hear what is going on in their lives.

CGo play a round of golf or tennis or other sports, do a remodel project at home, work in the yard or office project.

Step of

When I plan a vacation or holiday away or how I like to spend my free time...

AI like to read through Trip Advisor reviews and comments other people posted about the experience - look at the pictures.

BI like to hear where my friends and other experts recommend to go - listen to podcast about different locations and details about them.

CDream or think about what It would feel like to be there, imagine what I would do if I were there and imagine how great I would feel being away in that location or experience.

Step of

When I am looking to buy a new car, or make a big purchase...

AI like to read the opinions from experts and search websites for data from real consumers, industry and trade experts, review the statistics on quality and value of investment.

BI like to discuss with my family, friends and colleagues about what I am looking to buy or do and gather their opinions and insights, any advice they can share about what I am looking to do.

CI like to visit dealerships and test drive lots of different options, to see if I can try before I buy the item - I like to get a feel for my own experience with the item I am looking to purchase.

Step of

When I am learning something new, a skill or process, it is easiest if I can first...

AWatch someone who is an expert or does the skill very well.

BDiscuss what I am learning and ask questions on how to best try the skill or how I can be good at the skill so I get an Idea of exactly what I’m supposed to do.

CGet a chance to play with what I am going to do, give it a try on my own and see what I can figure out first and then ask further questions when I get lost or not getting the result I wanted.

Step of

When I am ordering food or something off of a menu...

AI can imagine what it will look like when i get it and choose based on how good the picture looks on menu or how I visualize it to look in my mind's eye.

BI think through all the choices in my head or talk through all the choices with a friend/partner and decide by talking through best choices.

CI can imagine what each choice will taste like and then choose the one I think will taste the best or bring me the most unique and pleasurable experience.

Step of

When I am fully concentrating, you will notice that I...

AFocus on the words or the pictures in front of me the most - blocking out all other scenes.

BPrefer to think through the problem and run through all possible solutions making a list of all options in my head.

CMove around as I think, like to walk and think or fiddle with pens/pencils as I gaze off deep in thought to get in touch with my instinct and intellectual thought together to form opinions.

Step of

If I think back to my earliest memory from my youngest self the memory is of...

ASomething that I saw as a child.

BSomething someone said to me that I still remember to this day.

CSomething that I was doing.

Step of

When I am anxious and nervous...

AIt is partly because I can visualize and see the worst-case scenarios.

BI hear the self talk in my head and it amplifies my feelings and zeros in on what frightens and worries me most.

CIt's hard for me to stand or sit still, I find myself pacing or fiddling with something because the movement releases some of my anxiety.

Step of

When I have to get ready for a test, presentation or big event, I generally...

AWrite and rewrite my notes or slides.

BTalk over my notes, saying them over and over to myself or practice in front of a small audience of friends.

CI visualize myself speaking, presenting or taking the test and doing well.

Step of

One thing that I really love and enjoy is...

ASpending time watching movies, looking at pictures, or just people watching.

BListening to music, a podcast, the radio or talking to friends.

CParticipating in an activity, playing sports, enjoying good food, dancing, or goofing around with friends.

Step of

Most of my free time is spent...

AWatching TV/Netflix/YouTube.

BTalking to friends using Facetime, Skype, IG or Snapchat to keep in touch with them.

CGoing to the gym or running, making something or working on an activity or craft.

Step of

I tend to first notice how a person...

ALooks and dresses.

BSounds, tone of their voice and how they speak.

CCarry themselves, stand and move/interact with others and their environment.

Step of

If I am angry, this is what I notice most about me...

AKeep replaying in my mind what upset me - the sequence of events.

BRaise my voice and tell people how I feel so they hear exactly what I am thinking.

CI tend to stomp about, slam door harder than needed and physically demonstrate my anger.

Step of

It is easier for me to remember someone's...



CTheir accomplishments, brands or successes.

Step of

I think that you can tell if someone is lying if...

AThey avoid looking at you.

BTheir voice changes.

CThey give off a negative or funny vibe.

Step of

I remember things best by...

AWriting notes or keeping printed details.

BSaying them aloud or repeating words and key points in my head.

CDoing and practicing the activity or imagining it being done.

Step of

When I complain about something, that has been done or not working correctly, I am most comfortable...

AWriting an email or letter or posting a comment.

BCalling customer service and complaining to someone, leaving a voice mail.

CReturn the item to the store or posting how the item was defective.

Energetic Genius

This part of the Genius Key focuses on how you behaved as a young child (before or around 12 years old), or how you have been told that you behaved as a young child. Read each question and choose the one trait, within the 4 choices, that best describes how you behaved before or around 12 years old.

Step of

Select the option that suits you best:





Step of

Select the option that suits you best:



CA perfectionist

DPoor follow-through

Step of

Select the option that suits you best:





Step of

Select the option that suits you best:





Step of

Select the option that suits you best:




DAvoids conflict

Step of

Select the option that suits you best:

AVoice of reason




Step of

Select the option that suits you best:



CA good listener


Step of

Select the option that suits you best:





Step of

Select the option that suits you best:




DIndirect communicator

Step of

Select the option that suits you best:





Step of

Select the option that suits you best:





Step of

Select the option that suits you best:

AOverly aggressive

BLow self-esteem



Step of

Select the option that suits you best:




DEngaging of others

Step of

Select the option that suits you best:





Step of

Select the option that suits you best:





Step of

Select the option that suits you best:

AConcerned, empathetic, and loyal - regardless of the problem

BSupportive, patient, and a good listener

CNonjudgmental, optimistic and downplays of the seriousness of the situation

DProtective, resourceful, and recommending of solutions

Step of

Select the option that suits you best:

ADirectionless, unenthusiastic, and/or boring

BOverly sensitive, moody, and/or jealous

CDisruptive, uncommitted, and/or disorganized

DArgumentative, bossy, and/or tactless

Step of

Select the option that suits you best:

ADistance myself and downplay the situation to others while silently feeling the pain

BFight back with facts and anger

CBecome quiet, withdrawn, and often hold anger in until I blow up over some minor issue later

DFeel strong negative emotion, hurt (perhaps cry); and plan to get even

Step of

Select the option that suits you best:

ADisrespectful of authority and verbally manipulative

BVerbally attacking and unyielding

CEmotionally distraught and hung up over fairness

DSilently stubborn, uncomfortable, and/or confused about how to respond

Step of

Select the option that suits you best:

AImpulsive, unfocused, and disruptive

BIndecisive, timid, and reluctant to offer input

CSelfish, impatient, and demanding of my way

DSuspicious, worry-prone, and unrealistic with my expectations of other's behavior

Step of

Select the option that suits you best:

AFollowed by others because I was assertive and on task

BAdmired by others because I was caring and quality based

CProtected by others because I was gentle and kind

DEnvied by others because I was happy and carefree

Step of

Select the option that suits you best:

ASilently self-critical, yet verbally stubborn and defensive

BUnsettled and fearful, but I kept it to myself

CEmbarrassed and nervous - seeking to escape the situation

DGuilty, self-critical, and vulnerable to depression. I would dwell on it

Step of

Select the option that suits you best:

AAdventure, leadership, and lots of action

BExcitement, playful productivity, and the company of others

CSecurity, creativity, and purpose

DAcceptance, safety, and moving at my own pace

Step of

Select the option that suits you best:

AI would act as if nothing happened, disengage from the relationship, and seek other friends

BI would feel deeply hurt and find it almost impossible to forgive completely

CI would feel hurt, hold my feelings inside, and avoid interacting with that individual

DI would express my anger and demand an apology

Step of

Select the option that suits you best:

AContented, a voice of reason, and/or often overwhelmed

BPlayful, enthusiastic, and/or irresponsible

CProactive, action-oriented, and/or quick-tempered

DConcerned about others, sensitive, and/or hard to please

Receiving Genius

This part of the Genius Key focuses on how you responded or reacted in the last 3-5 years, or how you feel even if it has not been said. Read each question and choose the one, within the 4 choices, that best describes how you responded or reacted in the last 3-5 years.

Step of

It is more meaningful to me when:

AA peer or boss sits next to me in a group or company meeting.

BI receive a gift from my peers or boss on my birthday and special occasions.

CI am complimented and recognized by the people I work with.

DI have peers and team in the same location/space with me even if we are working individually or I am in a separate office.

EWhen my peers or boss roll up their sleeves to help me accomplish a task or goal.

Step of

It is more meaningful to me when:

AA peer or teammate is working together with me within the same space or we are working closely together on project or task.

BSomeone leaves a note or treat on my desk.

CWhen I hear my peers or boss say that my talents and time are valuable to the company/team.

DI get to hang out with the people I work with socially.

EMy boss and peers get their task done versus talking about projects and tasks that need to be done.

Step of

It is more meaningful to me when:

AMy peers visibly show signs of being excited that I returned from vacation by giving me a hug or making time to check in on how my trip was.

BI receive a plaque or certificate that demonstrates my skill or training or MVP on a team.

CI hear that others want to work with me.

DI get to work with people I admire and respect.

EA peer or boss goes out of their way to do something for me that is outside their normal behavior or scope of work.

Step of

It is more meaningful to me when:

AI feel valued and connected as a part of a team or company.

BI look forward to the company party or recognition gift.

CI get positive reactions and feedback when I put in extra effort or time, go above and beyond on a task and its recognized.

DA peer or boss quietly recognizes and acknowledges the work I did on a task.

EA peer covers for me when I am late or fall short on expectations.

Step of

It is more meaningful to me when:

AI have a deep connection at work on both a personal and professional level.

BA peer or boss sends a postcard from vacation or brings in cookies or chocolates from their trip.

CMy peers and/or clients compliment me on my fashion sense or attire.

DMy peers and clients listen to my advice and suggestions.

EA peer or boss jumps in unexpectedly to fix the printer or my computer to help me get back on track.

Step of

It is more meaningful to me when:

AA peer or boss works "with me" on a task that needs to be done - especially if it is on a deadline.

BA peer or boss gives me credit for work I did on a project.

CI overhear a peer or boss speaking highly of me or my work.

DA peer or boss doesn't do other things while I am trying to talk to them, like be on their phone – check email – stop to talk to others.

EA peer or boss does a task that I normally do just to help out.

Step of

It is more meaningful to me when:

AI interact with peers and clients outside of work.

BA peer or boss leaves a note, sends an email or recognizes me on what was just a normal day.

CI hear my peers or boss say how much I mean to the company or team.

DA peer invites me to lunch or coffee just to catch up on how I am doing.

EA peer helps me when they can tell I am not feeling my best.

Step of

It is more meaningful to me when:

AA peer or boss specifically schedules time with me to go over a project or share updates so I am in the loop.

BA peer or boss brings in treats or lunch for me and/or the team.

CI receive encouragement from peers and my boss.

DA peer or boss doesn't interrupt me when I am talking and trying to make a point.

EWhen I receive the time I need from my peers or boss to prep or understand a task I am assigned to do.

Step of

It is more meaningful to me when:

AMy peers and clients interact with me as a friend and not just a business colleague.

BMy peers or team give me an exciting award or prize for a job well done.

CI hear a peer or boss specifically tell me "I appreciate you".

DSomeone I care about declines a call when we are together - or moves away from a distraction so they can better hear or see me.

ESomeone grabs me a cup of coffee/tea or snack - thinking it would cheer up my day.

Step of

It is more meaningful to me when:

AMy peers or boss gives me a high-five for an achievement or something well done.

BI am recognized as employee of the month or the example that others should look to as benchmark for success/goals.

CSomeone I care about makes time for me for a (call/meeting) and moves others aside or puts them as next priority.

DAfter a meeting or gathering - when I am gathering up my belongings - organizing things together - clearing table - they jump in to lend a hand without asking.

EI am specifically told that my work/contribution has impact and/or value.

Step of

It is more meaningful to me when:

AWhen someone shows support when they notice I am having a bad day, not feeling my best or was delivered bad news.

BI am #1 on the leader/sales board or I am given the role as leader/champion of an important project.

CI am complimented for who I am as a person - how I showed up on a team/project and celebrated for the participation.

DTime is specifically carved out or set aside for us to catch up (one on one = personalized) and not in a group catch up.

ESomeone surprises me by cleaning my desk/office, car, lunchroom/kitchen, or organizes backyard/garage/files - jumps in to handle one of those projects sitting on my "To Do" list.

Step of

It is more meaningful to me when:

ASomeone takes interest in my personal life and knows my partner's or kid's name, and are aware of important dates or events in my life.

BI receive a diploma, certification, or certificate of achievement that demonstrates I accomplished and/or excelled in a specific area.

CI am told I matter to a team/project and it is clear to me that what I do is valued and they tell me so.

DSomeone uses my name when speaking or writing to me and does not use a general term (to whom it may concern - babe - sweetheart - honey).

ESomeone stops what they are doing to help me carry in groceries, boxes or what's in my hands - holds the door or elevator.

Step of

It is more meaningful to me when:

AAsks me how things are with people/projects that are meaningful to me outside of work - how are the kids - the remodel going - parent's visit?

BI receive a bonus above and beyond what would normally be expected - get top level - income generation for my work and efforts.

CPeople refer to me with positivity, acceptance and recognition for my time, energy and talent.

DOthers work to give me the time or space or quiet I like to relax/sleep/meditate or workout/bath/shower or get ready for day/night/event without interruption/distraction.

EI call on them for help or ask for something I need from them and they move me up their priority list to listen, help or try to fix what is ailing or causing me difficulty.

Step of

It is more meaningful to me when:

AA boss or teammate gives me a card or gift that is specific to "me" not a general gift card.

BI can double up on commissions or revenue making opportunities for excelling at my craft or efforts.

CI am told I appreciate you - I love you - you are valuable and without me there would be a void (loss).

DA person is speaking to me and they make eye contact - don't look around at everything, everyone else - or their phone.

ESomeone calls me not to ask me for money, time or attention but to offer themselves or their resources to me (without me initiating).

Step of

It is more meaningful to me when:

AThose around me demonstrate knowledge of my general likes and dislikes that are specific to me (like vegetarian or meat lover).

BI am free to earn and produce as much as I can without being micromanaged with huge demands controlling my time or giving me busy work.

CI hear/feel that I am important to those around me - not that I have to guess or assume - that it is said and made known.

DSomeone calls me or invites me to lunch/dinner/coffee.

EThat you do something that lightens my workload - get to home/office earlier than me and finish a project or something that frees up my time so I can focus more on me.

Step of

It is more meaningful to me when:

AI am personally invited to a function, lunch, after office party or gathering - not a mass invite - one personalized to me.

BI am made the example of the standard others work to become - being the example of success or benchmark to achieve.

CI hear or overhear someone say "I like her, she is nice, she is beautiful, she is talented."

DSomeone holds a seat for me next to them, checks to see if I am attending an event/meeting, specifically making sure there is a seat or place for me versus general admission.

EThat you take away the pressure and all the "to dos" to buy me a bigger car/house.

Step of

It is more meaningful to me when:

ASomeone goes above and beyond to make sure I received/saw an important notice/email/memo or details or changes (time/location) about important meeting/event.

BPeers or leaders reference me or my work as the A+ grade, and I am the model others learn from.

CSomeone gives me a compliment - likes my smile, outfit, or unique feature.

DSomeone asks me a question or my thoughts and pays attention to my answer (eye contact & body language) demonstrating sincere interest in my answer.

ETo have an extra set of hands on deck for projects/tasks to get it done and off the list versus being sent flowers/thank you note for me doing the project/task.

Step of

It is more meaningful to me when:

ASomeone notices when I am looking/acting tired or different than my normal/usual self and checks in "are you ok".

BI am promoted or given a higher position - corner office - additional staff because of my achievements.

CSomeone genuinely thanks me for my efforts - giving specifics or details on how I helped make something a success or reach a goal.

DWhen the people around me, team and/or company, tell me important information, solicit my input for project/areas where I have skills or knowledge.

EThat you remember to pick up your stuff or manage your area/responsibilities then to tell me how great I am that I can do many things at once.

Step of

It is more meaningful to me when:

AThe time and energy I give/share to people/projects has a connection and is part of something, bigger and more meaningful like having a purpose beyond just doing a project/task.

BI receive a pay raise or increase in economies or things of value due to my work/achievement/participation.

CSomeone I care about - shares how they feel about me - goes the extra mile to let me know they care/love/have affection for me.

DDuring conversations people listen to what I am saying and do not interrupt me or talk over me or step on my words.

ETo have everyone chip in and help than to have one person carry the entire task/project.

Step of

It is more meaningful to me when:

AI feel like my unique abilities are seen, celebrated and championed by those around me in a belief that we are stronger together than apart.

BI am referred to as a hero, amazing leader, influencer in community and use adjectives that demonstrate leadership, authority and success.

CI hear that someone wants/hopes I am attending or coming to event - joining for lunch - or wants me to participate.

DWhen people speak with me at an equal level - not condescending and not authoritative - in a healthy respectful exchange of information & dialogue of equals.

ETo have a team culture where we all share the load rather than for me to be the one who does everything and wears many hats.

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