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The world is composed of five elements and changes with their generation or controlling relationships. It not only affects the human’s destiny and our energy and presence but also makes the universe and its creatures cycle constantly. In China, the theory is a very important part of traditional Chinese culture and used in philosophy, traditional Chinese medicine as well as in Feng Shui.

Humans Generating cycle: 

Every human needs to be seen, heard and recognized for its our “individual” greatness that fits into a greater worldly purpose. Who an individual is has far less context if they are here as a solo being. What gives us amplification and relevance is to be part of something greater – something beyond one and into many – infinite.  

We all – no matter who we are – no matter where we were born or whom we were born to, seek and strive to belong to something.  Its a basic human need to belong somewhere to someone regardless of race, gender, or status. We must belong or nothing else in the sequence unfolds as it was created to be. 

Nature sets the stage for that belonging – we all belong to this earth, this planet.  Earth generates or gives to metal Earth bears – supports – endures metal.

“True authentic learning is painful.”

Amilya Antonetti


Those who are born under the Metal sign strive to constantly better themselves on a regular basis. They are confident, witty, and successful. A few weaknesses that metal signed people have are their strong opinions, paying attention to others when they want to, and their high standards. They can also become overly stubborn when sharing viewpoints of which they are extremely passionate about with others or receiving constructive criticism.

Some of the strengths that they embody include their ability to focus (when it’s something they want or are interested in) , drive for success, and their positive outlook on life. People born under the metal sign are viewed as powerful and many look up to them. These individuals attract others easily because of their positive energy as well as their resilience.

Metal Key = Resilience 

Through pain and suffering we develop resilience. it takes strength and resilience in order to learn the arc of both giving and receiving. One side can not sustain without the other.

Energetically when someone is trying to give and you deny or reject their gift you cause suffering to them, and ultimately you. Think about how often our children come to us and try to give affection, joy, love, sharing and we deny them from giving that gift. We are to busy, caught up in chasing something bigger outside of what is in front of us that we overlook and miss the seed of the infinity loop right under our nose. When we receive we energetically fill up within our spirit, That energy than multiplies a billion times over and we then feel compelled to give. Our giving is then an energetic power of the receiving we graciously accepted and the giving vibration of abundance we are feeling. We then give this out into the world and the world then graciously accepts with gratitude and amplifies the energy to give back again. This exchange of giving and receiving freely with no obligation of either creates a universal abundance.  True learning causes pain and suffering, in each lesson we suffer and grow out of the smaller shell into our next phase of learning.

In each phase of development this learning should be anticipated. Staying awake and present during the learning helps us not deny the learning and lesson so we don’t need to repeat it again and again.  

When we DENY life’s learning – just like when we deny or refuse one’s giving – we create greater suffering than was ever intended. We cause the suffering of ourselves in our refusal to flow in the giving and receiving. 

Anytime we interrupt this natural generating cycle we stop ourselves from our greatest and highest self – we disconnect from those we need around us to give and receive.  

My way OUT from my limiting childhood and OTHERS false beliefs might have been bigger than just me as an individual but it was NO MATCH for me as part of the whole.  I belong connected to you! You belong connected to me and together in our combined gifts, talent and individual exchange of knowledge we are greater – more powerful and unlimited in our abilities to manifest beyond our wildest dreams.  We must only step away from individual “I” solo thinkers and join together toward the “we” collective – the universal US that belongs together in the abundance of giving and receiving to all. in becoming more resilient you stand more rooted in your true and authentic self

“Pain and suffering is merely your resilience key in disguise.”

Amilya Antonetti


People who are born under the Water sign have a great way with words, they communicate very well with others. These charming individuals make great sales professionals or any career where people are at the root. However, if not careful, they can often be viewed as aggressive because at times will take any means necessary to achieve their goals. A Water sign person should be wary of becoming arrogant, desiring a need for approval from others around them, and sometimes they can have an overbearing personality. Some of the key strengths of people born under the Water sign include persistence, ability to coach others, and good planning skills. They come across as brave and strong, which are two qualities that they are well recognized for.

Water Key = Authenticity 

True authenticity, water, is what gives us the internal flow and knowledge that comes from the inside. It is all within us. As we become true to self we run off metal and become more resilient. 

The more authentic we are the more we are resilient and the more we feel we belong. When you choose to stay committed to your true self, you not only become resilient against any external threat, you also began to tap into universal belonging.

“We as individuals are NOT nor will we ever be –  bigger or more powerful – than the WHOLE – the universe – but together we most certainly are and more.”

Amilya Antonetti


Those individuals who are born under the Wood sign are compassionate and care about the interests of others around them. They are great listeners who are quick to help when needed. Wood sign individuals are wise, and think innovatively. Some of the strengths that people born under the Wood sign are their generosity, ability to work well with others in various situations, and sharing of unique ideas. People born under the Wood element are easily respected and well liked for their independence, charm, and strength. However, can sometimes can spend money too often, be indecisive, and be passive at times.

Wood Key  = Confidence

Wood is what fuels fire and is at the heart of any reinvention/innovation and change.  Confidence fuels reinvention and your ability to face change which results in resilience.. 

As you become more committed and stay rooted in your authenticity, your core gains strength and power just as the trunk of a tree.  Authenticity leads to confidence.

“You only are free when you realize you belong no place — you belong every place — no place at all.”

Maya Angelou


The Fire sign represents someone who is strong minded and has leadership characteristics. Their presence is known when they enter a room, because they are powerful and can come across as intimidating to others at times. People born under the Fire element appear to enjoy social gatherings and are known for being the spotlight ( that can mean the life of the party or just that their energy attracts attention) They do want to be seen and recognized by their friends. Someone who does not carry the large amount of confidence that they could consider their persona to be overly intense. Additional characteristics that these spitfire personalities hold is their ability to motivate, drive, and inspire others. The weaknesses of the Fire element are their impulsive nature, need for attention, and manipulative ways.

Fire key = Innovation/Reinvention/Change

As we reinvent ourselves or grow through each phase of our human development we learn how to not be beholden to a group or something with limiting beliefs, ceilings and restrictions.  We reinvent ourselves to become an authentic vibration or a greater whole. In our reinvention to belong to our own true and purposeful self, we are led to our divine purpose through the giving and receiving flow. 

Fire creates a sense of belonging . When we grow to belong to no one, we then authentically belong to all on earth, belonging to and for all. 

When you harvest the true lessons from wood. Fire and earth you are at your most resilient.. Together authenticity, confidence and belonging, cycle around and begin all over again  moving you closer and closer to your highest and best self. 


Lastly, people who are born under the Earth element maintain a good overall balance and can multitask effortlessly. They pride themselves on their stability and could often be a great help to a friend or someone who is scatterbrained. Individuals who are born under the Earth element communicate with others in a respectful manner and come across as calm and well-put together. A few of the strengths of people born under the Earth sign is their analytical skills, great work ethic, and ability to maintain a balanced mood, even when going through a difficult life situation. Some of the weaknesses that they hold are constantly playing it safe, reserved, and overly professional at times when they should loosen up.

Earth key = Bellonging

The Controlling Element Cycle (kè)
(Destructing, overcoming or weakening cycle)

Fire melts Metal;  – Metal chops down Wood; –  Wood breaks the Earth; – Earth soaks up Water and blocks its flow; –  Water controls Fire.

Humans Controlling cycle: 

If you do not adapt to the changes that come from each phase in your human development, you  stagnant. If you do not face change and learn to become resilient then you will not develop confidence. Without confidence you will not feel like you belong to yourself or to anyone or anything.  Without belonging you can not live in authenticity and without authenticity it will block your ability to find your highest and true self. This is a vicious cycle that traps people.

“Life is an endless journey  of circles – it doesn’t matter where you get on or off,  what matters is how you flow within each aspect of the infinity loop to generate a life of abundance for ALL.”

Amilya Antonetti