Compatibility Genius

Think of your Compatibility Genius as your personal presence. Each one of us are born with unique abilities, strengths and challenges and these natural born abilities shape  specific tendencies of our personality. These also influence our presence and the vibe we give off before we even say or do anything. We all have, at some point, felt the yuck factor about someone from across a room. Similarly we all have met someone that we feel like we have known  for years, a long lost brother or sister. 

This presence has a great impact on the direction we choose, our pace, the power dynamic and relationships we cultivate with ourself and others. 

These different personality characteristics help to explain the ease or difficulty we can expect when dealing with others. The compatibility keys can be an essential part of building teams, assigning tasks and projects, aligning partnerships, or trying to close a deal and to move faster or slower.

We have used this Genius Key when a third party is needed to bring a mutually acceptable agreement together between individuals, to facilitate business negotiations between incompatible personalities and so much more.  The compatibility key is an easy way to gain insight into the way people interact, connect and identify with one another.

Perfect Charmer

Solo, Partner or Pack Oriented

Perfect Charmers are born under the sign of charm and change. They are expressive and can be seen as aggressive.  They are one of the most adaptable personalities, as change is an area where they thrive. The ability to adapt makes them natural born leaders and they lead from the front. This “front facing” leadership, means they lead the charge with little to no awareness if their team is keeping up or has the ability to follow and keep the pace. This lack of awareness can make those who follow feel uncertain as they navigate to the finish line along a circuitous path. They lead with charm and confidence versus detailed planning and strong communication.

The Perfect Charmers are social creatures with much curiosity. Surprisingly they require quiet time to tap into high level thinking. They are not detail oriented and prefer the bigger picture.

Perfect Charmers usually have more acquaintances than real close friends.  They revere and cherish those who they allow closest to them. They will care for and defend their chosen family stronger than most. Once you become one of their real friends, they will treat you like family,  protect you and guide you with their wit, intelligence and ability to thrive in change. Perfect Charmers are very private, self-contained and keep problems to themselves. And even though they can be talkative, they pride themselves on never confiding in anyone, or a select few. Sometimes this means, they become very narrow-minded in their outlook, Perfect Charmers are nevertheless honest.

Sustainable Success can come much more easily for you if they can learn to be a little less insistence on living for the present moment alone. Although this can be a good trait in some aspects of life, being blind to the past and the future creates an aura of care-free arrogance. This creates a GAP between you and those you care about, and who care about you.

This insistence of only allowing your mindset to remain in “today” may be at the root of feeling of perpetual discontent about what is happening as this moment in time, is more deeply felt when in contexts of your historic highs and lows. Without knowing the moon the sun can not truly be appreciated.

The Perfect Charmer is quick-witted. They accomplish more in 24 hours than most do in as many days.They are confident and usually have good instincts.  They are also stubborn and prefer to live by their own rules rather than others’. It won’t be an easy task to work with perfect charmers because they are perfectionists. They are very organized and talented.

As soon as perfect charmers earn money, they spend it and are reluctant to lend money to others.

Perfect Charmers are very protective and not romantic, but they are sensual and loving. They are very loyal and devoted to their families.

Faithful Finisher

Solo or Partner Oriented

Faithful Finishers are hard-working, persistent and extremely diligent.  They believe in themselves and tend to classify almost everything into two basic categories, good or bad.

They hold up their high standards as a model and severely judge those who don’t aspire to maintain these same ideals. Faithful finishers are not social and tend to be quiet when in social settings.. They often feel they are not included so require a personalized invitation to attend.  Although they appear to be tranquil, faithful finishers are impulsive when angry. They are capable of fearsome rages, and holding a long term grudge. Therefore, it is better not to cross a Faithful Finisher.

Faithful Finishers are observant. They have remarkable memory and are good at reporting on absolutely everything they observe. Ask a Faithful Finisher if they remember who was at a party eight months ago and most likely, they will name them one by one with details of what transpired.

In the home, the Faithful Finisher is hardworking, loyal and easily pleased. In business, the Faithful Finisher can succeed in almost any aspect of a team, as long as they have clear expectations, consistent communication and they understand what value they bring to the project and team. And since Faithful finishers are intelligent and good with their hands, they do well in roles where they are fixing or problem solving.

Faithful Finishers are stubborn and dogmatic. They rarely see how their stubbornness and inability to see other people’s perspectives lead to much of the disappointment they experience.  They are very close to their families and allow themselves to be vulnerable with people they trust.

Faithful Finishers often find that those who are close to them fail to understand them. Nevertheless, they are patient and caring, and that makes them the best friend you can ever have.

Faithful Finishers are very responsible and loyal. They are seldom jealous. but they will be jealous of their rights. They are very family-oriented, conservative and faithful.

Magnetic Authority

Partner or “Selected” Pack Oriented

“Born leader” is the key word for people with Magnetic Authority. They always perceive  themselves to be in the lead and are most likely the ones to cry out “Let’s Go!” Noble and fearless, they are respected for their courage, and strong mental composition, even from those working against them.

People with Magnetic Authority are daring fighters and are capable of standing up to the bitter end for what they think is right. Although they can be selfish, they are capable of great generosity.

People with magnetic authority are unpredictable, intense, and always in a hurry. They are difficult to resist because of their magnetism and their natural air of authority confers a certain prestige on them.

They are tempestuous yet calm, warm-hearted yet fearsome, courageous in the face of danger yet yielding and soft in mysterious, unexpected places. People with magnetic authority are very confident, perhaps too confident at times.

Although they love adventure, are addicted to excitement, and thrive with responsibility and leadership, it is best not to challenge their confidence, especially if they are convinced they are right. They like being obeyed. People with magnetic authority are always in a hurry to get things done right, This mix of wanting perfection and wanting it fast creates unrealistic expectations for others, any yourself, to meet. This can create a GAP between you and those around you to feel as they can never hit the benchmark you expect. This plays a role in why you usually choose to operate alone. They are hard-working and dynamic. If you assign a task to a person with magnetic authority, the job will be undertaken and accomplished with enthusiasm and efficiency.

People with Magnetic Authority make money, but they also like the finer things in life so they also spend. They tend to relish the experience more than acquiring things. Just when they fear the money is gone, more seems to show up. They are sensitive and emotional under a tough outer shell. They are capable of great love, but they become too intense and often territorial about what they claim is their own.  This territorial and possessive nature is masked by charm so it often does not feel like possession, at first. If you are their friend, they will want you to demonstrate the same depth of loyalty.

As lovers, they are passionate and romantic, but the real challenge for them is to grasp the true meaning of moderation, flexibility and to pick the right battles and release smaller unimportant banter and boasting trust needs to be earned repeatedly.

Sweet Reliever

Pack and Community Oriented

Sweet Relievers have an unusually kind and sweet energy. They are popular people and easy to like. They are good company and you feel like you have known them longer than you have. They know how to make the best of themselves, even in difficult circumstances or when facing challenging obstacles they will look to do their best, to figure out how to make lemonade out of lemons.

They have an unusual ability to blend into most situations. This can be apparent physically as well as mentaly and brings them both pros and cons. One one hand it’s great to rarely have the finger pointed at you. However certain times you would like to have your participation more noticed and appreciated.

A sweet reliever’s home is always a beautiful one because of their artistic sense and good taste. They also take pride in their appearance and are usually well-dressed. Even though they are popular and loved by their friends and family, they are also pessimistic. They are conservative and insecure, and that explains why most of them don’t like change. Change and inconsistency make them anxious, while they may appear calm, they have internal nervous energy. This energy requires continual  reassurance for them to maintain and feel a positive mindset. For those they care about, which is most everybody, they flourish best when they are proactively included and treated with complete and total kindness. They are not easy to provoke, don’t like to argue and enjoy quiet, peaceful lives. They are also sentimental and compassionate. And yes, they cry easily, but may not show it openly. Trust needs to be earned repeatedly.

They can be moved by personal problems you share with them. Call them cautious or call them timid, sweet relievers will undertake nothing before they have weighed the pros and cons from every angle. Most Sweet Relievers are conservative by nature and not aggressive.

They can be great partners in relationships. Romantic, sweet and faithful, sweet relievers never lack suitors. Male sweet relievers are sometimes hard to please, and perhaps unrealistic about what they expect in a mate. Female sweet relievers should spend more time enjoying friends and accepting themselves, imperfections and all.

Ring Master

Solo or Partner Oriented

Ring Masters are born leaders and prefer to be the master of ceremonies, even though they try to say otherwise. They get things started and keep things moving. They are feisty and gifted with power and luck. Most people look up to the ringmaster, even when it is very hard to describe the magical aura or presence they exude.

Ring Masters are born monarchs. As far as they can see, their power is indisputable. They are idealists and perfectionists. Ring Masters are born thinking they are perfect, special and deserve your adoration. They are inflexible and are quick to spit fire and push back when you deny them what they want. They do not like to hear the word. “No”.

Ring Masters are also aggressive and determined; going after what they want is second nature to them. Due to their hunger to be seen, heard and valued, they appear to crave  power and control, Ring masters are not well suited for failure of any kind. This also translates to an acceptance growing old.The prospect of losing power, the thought of losing youthful strength, magnetism and beauty is unbearable to them.

Irritable and stubborn, the ringmaster often speaks their words before checking in with their authentic thoughts. Nevertheless, their opinions are worth listening to, their advice is always sound and their influence is considerable.

They are very proud, impetuos, and they lose their temper easily. Ring masters are dauntless, dynamic and delightful. When a ringmaster enters a gathering, the room begins to stir with excitement. The ringmaster carries a self-assurance that is very impressive. They are often seen as having a visibly inflated ego. They are clever and a natural word smith in conversations. However, it can be quite useless to try to make them aware of anything they wish to  not see, they much prefer to turn a very blind eye to things.

Ring Masters are tyrannical. They hate orders except when they are giving them. The Ring Master knows innately how to exert authority and cast a spell.

Ring Masters can be terrible snobs. Although money is not always the object, they are slavishly impressed by wealth, prestige, rank and splendor. The ring master is gifted, intelligent, tenacious, willing and generous. They are known to manifest the impossible. No matter whether they choose an artistic career, medical or political one, they are going to excel.

The Ring Master is often adored, but very hard to get close enough to to truly fall in love with him/her. They keep their heart well guarded and choose to reveal no vulnerabilities.The ring master is surrounded by admirers, yet sees themself as a loner.

Wise Mesmerizer

Solo and Partner Oriented

Wise Mesmerizers have always been the seducers of human beings. Wise mesmerizers are born with an indescribable charm and can not help but be popular. They naturally gravitate to the spotlight and they despise being ignored.

Public recognition is not their ultimate goal, this is something to truly understand if you want to get to know them. This is because they desire to be part of something greater, something much bigger than just themselves. Wise Mesmerizers are never noisy or deliberately outspoken. They also are known to have excellent manners with a passion for greatness just below the surface.

The Wise Mesmerizer is a nice, kind, a bit oversexed but a well rounded normal human being. Determined to follow through anything they undertake to the bitter end, the wise mesmerizer detests indecision by others. They are buttoned up and live by precision and a quick intelligent mind that allow them to make their decisions quickly and firmly. They often wonder why decisions take so long for others.

Most people are secretly or hopelessly in love with Wise Mesmerizers, they are just so captivating.  They are the ones you love but feel you can never really firmly grasp and hold onto. A relationship with them usually starts off intense and engaging, then for what appears to be no reason at all they disconnect, become disenchanted and move along to something else. They tend to leave many people feeling puzzled about this disconnect. As irresistible as they seem, the Wise Mesmerizer never wastes time with idle gossip, busy work or actions not clearly tied to an endgame. They think often and deeply. They are intellectual, philosophical people.

Wise Mesmerizers rely heavily on first impressions, and on their own feelings and sympathies, rather than on data analysis of facts, or the advice and opinions of others. They seem to have a kind of sixth sense in this way. Wise Mesmerizers are a bit tight when it comes to lending money, though their sympathy for others often leads them to offer help.

The fatal flaw in their character is a tendency to be very intense and engaged in the beginning and then fade off or jump to the next shiny object that gains their attention. If they do someone a favor or attach their affection, they become possessive. Another flaw in a Wise Mesmerizer’s character is that they are capable of white lies, true lies, or lying by omission.   They are known to hold important information for their own benefit and not reveal it to others. They don’t see this omission of information as a lie. They choose to relate to this omission as merely something they can get away with. They like the secrecy as it gives them an illusion of power and control. This characteristic often creates a GAP between them and others who often feels like they are playing some type of  “art of war”. As they mature through the phases of their lifeline they become aware this trait is a hindrance as much as it may help them in achievements. They become aware of their commitment to secrecy is coming with a high price to pay. This is because ultimately close relationships is part of their deepest desire. 

In money matters, the Wise Mesmerizer has good luck. They don’t have to worry, they’ll always be able to lay their hands on money when they need it. Generally, Wise Mesmerizers are careful but generous with close and carefully selected friends and family.

The Wise Mesmerizer should stick to careers that don’t involve risk of any kind, without the counterbalance of reward. Wise mesmerizers have a very on/off personality and their off side can appear  a bit lazy. In love, the male Wise Mesmerizer is romantic and charming. They have a good sense of humour and lots of charm. The female Wise Mesmerizer has a seductive, quiet-like power and confidence that brings her success and independence. If a Wise Mesmerizer chooses a partner, they’ll be possessive, even if they no longer love that partner. Rejection is the worst blow their delicate ego can suffer. The wise mesmerizer must be received, welcomed, accepted and approved by those with whom they come in contact. They need  to feel secure and valued in order to flourish in any area of their life. Trust needs to be earned repeatedly.

Boundless Individualist

Partner and “Selected” Pack Oriented

Boundless Individualists are active and energetic. They have plenty of sex-appeal and know how to dress with a very keen sense of style. Boundless Individualists love attention and maybe that is why they can usually be seen doing lots of different types of activities.  They are born curious and action oriented.

The Boundless Individualist is very quick-witted and is quick to finish your sentence.  They are quick to latch onto your train of thought even before you speak.

In general, the Boundless Individualist is gifted. But in truth they are really more Machiavellian than they are book smart intelligent. They possess a very tough and strong mindset and they excel above most when it comes to having a keen strategic mind. That is probably why most Boundless Individualists appear as a contradiction, externally they exude confidence, when in actuality they lack internal confidence. This is a prime case of the outer perception does not match the internal reality. You would never guess it from the way they present themselves.

Boundless Individualists are born to race, win, and travel, which is why they invariably leave home young. They despise being pressured or backed into a corner. They have been known to be “guilt catchers” as they have an overabundant desire to please, wanting everyone to be happy. No matter how integrated they seem to be, a Boundless Individualist’s inner self remains powerfully rebellious. Although they have boundless energy and ambition, they have a hard time belonging. They are hot-blooded, restless and impatient. Boundless Individualists have large egos and can tend to be selfish. It is rare for them to be interested in something that does not benefit them, in some way, even though their work almost always benefits the majority. This is because they like to lead great change, creating monumental impact for good and serving others through their interests. 

The Boundless Individualist is a workhorse, they are adept at seeing the big picture while leading a movement. They are natural strategists with a good understanding of financial issues as well as what it will take to win. They are also famous for suddenly losing interest in something and getting distracted by another bright and shiny object. In their relationships with the opposite sex, the boundless individualist is weak. They will give up everything for love, often losing their relationship with “self”.

There are many contradictions in their character. Boundless Individualists are proud yet sweet-natured, arrogant yet oddly modest, envious but tolerant, conceited yet humble. They want to belong, yet they are burdened by their need for independence. They need love and crave intimacy, yet often feel cornered and pressured and try and run from it. But the truth is, the boundless individualist is a person who depends on his or her own wit and worth ethic to get what they believe is right for the world. Their determination and tenacity to achieve desired goals is unmatched.

Polite Companion

Pack and Community Oriented

Polite Companions are elegant, charming, artistic, gifted and fond of nature. They are as simple as they are complex. Known to be very creative and yet delicate, their good manners and charms always attract many admirers and friends but they are apprehensive to let people get to close.

Polite Companions, as charming as they appear on the outside are often insecure. They need to feel loved and appreciated. They are easily drawn into complex predicaments any yet seem to find their through with ease. They usually shy away from confrontation, pull back when faced with heavy decision-making and blatantly refuse to take an unpopular stand in a conflict.

Polite Companions are dreamers, can be pessimistic, hesitant and over-anxious worriers. They can be lazy when they are over stimulated and feel the need to recharge. If Polite Companions could, they would definitely choose to marry a wealthy person and sit back and just enjoy life and contribute in voluntary ways. Also, they are obsessed with looking their best. This plays an enormous part in their sense of personal stability. If they don’t look their best, they may hesitate to go out  and interact and connect with the world.

Due to their indecisive nature, Polite Companions like to study the esoteric to know more about the unknown. They enjoy reading books or learning and exploring non traditional philosophies. It is not unusual to find polite companions working  in careers that are unusual or not typical for the masses. They tend to be generally disorganised, having difficulty with determining what is the right order of priority for things. They get things done but not always the most efficiently. They excel much better when the high level thinking and planning has been put into place. This gives them a much clearer roadmap and you will get a totally committed type of teammate. The Polite Companion is a far better #2 in charge personality who will roll up their sleeves to get the job done. This #2 in charge personality is due to their desire to not want to be ultimately held accountable for the overarching decision making or risk taking. Instead, the Polite Companion will make a good team player and take up any career demanding artistic talents, creativeness, and loyalty to the cause.

Polite Companions are very romantic, sensitive and sweet. In relationships, they could sometimes be a bit bossy and lazy to maintain the relationship work to sustain it, but with their gentle and caring nature, it will be hard to resist them.

Razzle-Dazzler Companion

Solo, Pack and Community Oriented

Razzle-Dazzlers are fun, clever cheerful and energetic. They are very intelligent despite their playful disposition. Give a razzle-Dazzler a boring book to read and  they will turn it into a musical. Better yet, they will invite everyone to see it free! Razzle-Dazzlers are that talented and creative. Razzle-Dazzlers like to be the center of attention. Their charm and humour is the key to their popularity.

As sociable and diplomatic as they may appear, they don’t hide their emotions. You can probably tell how a Razzle-Dazzler is feeling from miles away.  They want everyone to know how happy or depressed they are, and if they go unnoticed their feelings are generally hurt. 

Razzle-Dazzlers are very good at problem-solving. However complex or limited in resources, the Razzle-Dazzler has a natural ability to fix and overcome any challenge. They know how to listen closely and work out solutions at the same time. And because of their curiosity, they usually have a great thirst for knowledge. Still, they can wrestle with self doubt, and they also wrestle with regard for morality when it comes to getting what they desire. Some may characterize them as having “few scruples” when competing against them. Also known for being a bit unreasonable sometimes, their standards are high. You can not underestimate their charm and their ability to persuade themselves and everyone around them to believe that they are doing the right things.

Some say Razzle-Dazzlers are self-centered, opportunistic,guileful, but Razzle-Dazzlers could care less because they are also indifferent.

The Razzle-Dazzler has a good chance of becoming famous or well-known. Whatever they do, their charm and luck will make them successful. As friends, Razzle-Dazzlers are both loyal and devoted. As lovers, they can be passionate and yet fickle, they can fall easily in love but then will get tired of the relationship and look for something else. Much of this comes from their self protective hard exterior shell that covers a deep desire to be respected, valued and to genuinely belong in a purposeful community where they are adored by their peers and those they hold close. 

Most Razzle-Dazzlers have one fetish, food!. They enjoy sampling and exploring a wide range of food experiences,  whenever they like, and wherever they like.

Awakened Admirer

Solo or Partner Oriented

Awakened Admirers are very observant and do so from a 40,000 foot perspective. And most of the time, they are very accurate and precise with their observations. Perhaps, you can say that Awakened Admirers have a very keen “sixth-sense”.

With Awakened Admirers, what you see is exactly what you get. There are no hidden depths to the Awakened Admirer’s character: they are neither complicated nor profound. Rather, they are very forthright and straightforward. They see no sense in pretending to be something they are not and they wish the whole world operated that way. The Awakened admirer likes to be noticed, appreciated and recognized for their talents. They are completely conservative and logical in thought.

Awakened Admirers always appear attractive and beautifully turned out. They are sociable and love to receive attention but only by specific people. It is not an easy task to fool the Awakened admirer.  Their mind is cautious and skeptical and have an innate ability to absorb facts and data quickly filtering anything that does not make sense or is inconsistent. Highly intelligent and perceptive with a great recall for information, Awakened admirers make excellent trouble shooters, researchers, detectives, doctors, nurses and psychiatrists. They work best solo or with  the support of a small team. 

Awakened Admirers have an abundance of curiosity and desire to discover the world. You rarely see a relaxed Awakened admirer sitting quietly in a room doing nothing, unless they are sleeping or regrouping. They are gifted multi-taskers with a love of organization and exploration. They are multi-talented and can become accomplished in  any area they find interesting. 

They can spend hours thinking about how to do something better and are obsessed with how things work and function.  Although they have a passion for how things look they are not materialistic, they choose quality over quantity. That doesn’t mean they don’t care about money, it is just not how they measure success. In fact, they love to compare prices and even if the bargain is only slightly cheaper, they will be satisfied that they got the best deal.

Though sharp, practical and resourceful, the Awakened Admirer is also a dreamer and is prone to disappointment because the reality will seldom match up to their dreams. However, they really are sincere about those dreams. Awakened Admirers make great hosts and adore entertaining.

The main virtue in the Awakened Admirer’s character is loyalty. They make devoted friends. They always keep their promises and are always true to their word. When Awakened Admirers love and admire someone, they will go the extra mile just to keep them happy.

Righteous Protector

Partner or “Selected” Pack Oriented

Righteous Protectors are honest, faithful and sincere. They respect tradition and value honor, and enjoy helping people. The righteous protector is always the first to speak out against injustice.

Righteous Protectors are not good at socializing and rarely shine in large gatherings. They are intelligent, caring and good listeners. Loyal, faithful and honest, they have the most profound sense of duty. You can count on them and they’ll never let you down. As a good listener, the Righteous Protector is also very good at keeping secrets. They simply don’t like to gossip.

The Righteous Protector is an agreeable and strong companion, when they are in a good mood. But when panic strikes, or under pressure they can turn nasty.

They can be judgmental, and defensive if you rub them up the wrong way. But as long as you are caring and sweet, the Righteous Protector makes absolutely the best and most honorable companion.

Righteous Protectors are born old and get younger as they age. They take everything very seriously. You may hear the righteous protector complain a lot but as they get older, they take their own criticism less seriously.

The Righteous Protector makes a splendid captain of industry, an educator, a critic, or a doctor. Any calling that works for the betterment of people. Their ideas are profound and often original and have a strong work ethic to do right.

When fears become reality, Righteous Protectors go a little crazy. In romantic relationship they are often the giver and the partner is the taker. This imbalance is not sustainable for them and eventually their patience and depletion of energy and heart will cause the relationship to deteriorate.

They are usually very generous and loyal, and in love, they are honest and straightforward. However, they will always have romantic problems. This GAP stems from an inner emotional instability or what is better described as an eternal anxiety that can make those around them anxious too. They are worriers and this can impede romance and the playfulness needed for healthy relationships.

Sincere Giver

Pack and Community Oriented

Sincere Givers are models of sincerity, purity, tolerance, and honor. When you first meet them, sincere givers seem too good to be true. They are careful and caring, obliging and chivalrous. Put your trust in them. They won’t let you down.

Sincere Givers simply want to do everything right. They are the people everyone admires most. Make a list of the sincere givers in your life. Aren’t they the nicest, most loving and scrupulously caring people around?

Sincere Fivers are born to give, to yield and to serve. Not only are they easy to fool, they like it that way too. No matter how old they get, they still only see and believe that all men/women are basically good. They hold tight to their innocence and childlike view of the world and this makes them even more adorable and loving. 

Sincere Givers constantly sacrifice their own happiness and comfort for the sake of someone else. The Sincere Giver is a splendid companion as they are loyal, faithful and giving – only as long as they approve of you. In order to keep your Sincere Giver friend, remember, never try to force your opinions on them. A Sincere Giver rarely asks for help and their struggle is to learn how to graciously accept it.

The Sincere Giver doesn’t say much – but when they do decide to speak, nothing can stop them.

Like the Razzle-Dazzler, the Sincere Giver is intellectually curious. The Sincere Giver is stimulated by nature and the creative side of life. Some people claim that sincere giver is snobbish. Manners, breeding and good taste are of enormous importance to them. 

Sincere Givers are born with an excellent eye for style. Food is another of the sincere giver’s little sins. The Sincere Giver often over-eats, or like to over indulge but it is always with a standard with good taste. They enjoy living life and enjoying good company and sincere laughter and joy.

In relationships, Sincere Givers are sensitive, sweet but naive. They are romantic and certainly the marriage-type. But on the other hand, sincere givers are also possessive, jealous and exclusive.