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After selling her first company for $100 Million, Amilya Antonetti began retracing the formula that took her company from $0 to $100 Million.  Based on that data, plus years of experience as one of the most sought after behaviorist and conflict resolution experts, she created Genius Key.  This science-based tool gives an honest and actionable evaluation of the true potential of every individual (and every team) to reach peak performance, and align individuals into roles that capitalize on their core strengths and capabilities.  The result is the right people, in the right roles, all at the top of their game.

Now it’s your turn to join more than 34,000 individuals using Genius Key to break through to common barriers, and achieve peak performance and unlimited success.  Just imagine what you could achieve!


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Do you know what styles of learning, motivation, communication, and relationship building are making you grow smarter, faster, stronger and which are dragging you down to the ground?

Genius Key will uncover and identify your true genius, then make actionable recommendations on how you can unlock your true potential physically, financially, mentally, spiritually, even romantically.

All you have to do is answer a few questions. Simple, right?

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Oprah Winfrey
“She is a visionary and a woman to watch in business!”
Oprah Winfrey
Steve Harvey

“Amilya is a wealth of knowledge in business & relationships.”

Steve Harvey
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“Amilya is a one of a kind natural leader!”
Zig Ziglar

A plan to live smarter, to improve faster, to build stronger.

Genius Key empowers you with information on the human choices that are affecting your success, wellbeing, and your impact on the world. Take years off your learning curve with genius strategies to increase your acumen, empower your relationships, and create a happier, more impactful life!

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Finding out my inner genius was the key to building my first company to 100 million. I know you will use it to unlock great things for you, your family, your company, for all of us.


Genius Key offered me tools and another insight on how I can better relate to my customers or my colleagues…

Do you know how many times in the day I think to myself, “What is that person doing, why did that just happen, what is going on?” Genius Key gives me a platform to help me relate to other people and we all know that relationships matter. Genius Key offered me tools and another insight on how I can better relate to my customers or my colleagues or to just dumb down that question of “why are they doing that all the time?” There are a lot of personalities on teams and everyone has their different objectives so I think using this is going to give people the ability to collaborate more effectively. And to remove the ego or remove any of those objections that prevent us from working together or working together more effectively.

Amy Wolkowiak

VP Global Accounts, HPN Global


… with Genius Key, you get a bird’s eye vision of how to best leverage your strengths…

Every entrepreneur wishes they had 2020 foresight, and with Genius Key, you get a bird’s eye vision of how to best leverage your strengths – as a leader and a visionary – to build and scale a truly transformational company. I learned vital clues about my leadership and my destiny, including where I can double down on strengths, how to get team members into the right seats, and the A Players I need most to recruit to build a billion dollar Unicorn. We can all “know it all” with 2020 hindsight but why not go into any new year with 2020 vision? I highly recommend this for executives and their teams.

Melinda Wittstock

Serial Entrepreneur and Founder of Wings Media


Genius Key can be used as a powerful tool to enhance your networking programs and training…

As the CEO of NetworkWise and Podcast Host, we are experts in the  art of networking. Genius Key can be used as a powerful tool to enhance your networking programs and training to increase your Networking IQ. Genius Key is an excellent tool to help anyone identify the subconscious behaviors, beliefs or patterns standing in the way of their highest and best self.  It can also be used to better understand how others create long term and meaningful relationships. We look forward to working with Amilya and Genius Key in our future events and training programs.

Adam Connors

NetWorkWise Founder & CEO

Provide your team with the power tool used by the multimillion to Billion dollar brands!

Human Behaviorist, Strategist, Renown Speaker and Creator of Genius Key

Her once considered “out-of-the-box” business model, is now a required study at many worldwide business universities, and has been featured in books, newspapers, and magazines like Chicken Soup for the Entrepreneurial Soul, People Magazine, Time, Forbes, Inc., Smart Money, she has also been named in “The 55 people you must meet,” by Jack Canfield.

Teaching and Training

When it comes to getting the best out of your team, the best out of your leadership, the best out of your community, Amilya’s live teaching and training programs are exactly what you’ve been looking for. Imagine knowing each team member’s genius so that you can now place them in the right seats, at the right time, on the right project for the right reward.

Amilya has appeared as a business and brand expert on:

The Oprah Winfrey Show

The Steve Harvey Show

Fox News


Dr. Phil

The Today Show

CBS This Morning


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